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Children With Special Needs

"If he could, he would; if she could, she would"
Anat Baniel

NeuroMovement® starts with where your child is and what your child can do rather than force your child to do something they cannot do or push for a specific action or outcome.  It steers away from the concept of trying to "fix" a child and instead uses gentle touch and variation of movement to connect with your child, bring awareness to the body, help them perceive subtle differences and wake them up to new possibilities for movement, thought and action.  


All children learn and develop through a process of small changes to achieve the breakthroughs that we recognise such as crawling, walking, talking etc.


Neuromovement® and The Nine Essentials create favourable conditions to support your child in their process and can be helpful for the following conditions and more:


  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Genetic Conditions

  • Hypotonia

  • Learning Difficulties

  • ADHD/ Autism

  • Undiagnosed Developmental Delays

Typically Developing Children


Typically developing children can also benefit greatly from NeuroMovement® and incorporating The Nine Essentials into their daily life to help them reach new levels of physical, emotional and cognitive performance. Improved posture, coordination, focus, balance, flexibility, attention span, organisational skills and logical thinking are just some of the positive outcomes experienced by typically developing children.  


High-performing athletes, musicians and dancers can overcome stiffness, pain and limitation, often brought on by practicing the same patterns over and over again for many years, and find comfort, flexibility, ease of movement and improved performance. 

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