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What is Neuromovement®?

NeuroMovement® is a holistic approach with its foundation in the science of neuroplasticity. This refers to the brain's ability to learn and change at any age. 


The brain is responsible for all of our movement, thought, feeling, action and emotion.  In order for us to learn anything new and for any change to occur in the way we move, think and feel, the brain needs to obtain new information and create new neural connections.  Anytime we learn or experience something new, this creates new connections in our brain. 


NeuroMovement® harnesses this power through gentle touch and variations of movement which enable the brain to increase awareness, perceive subtle differences and discover new possibilities.  

What to Expect in a Lesson

NeuroMovement® lessons incorporate The Nine Essentials and may be conducted in a variety of positions - lying down on the back, side or front, in standing, leaning over a table, sitting in a chair or on the floor.  Clients are called students as the process is used to facilitate experiential learning.  Each lesson is different and involves a series of slow and gentle movement variations that create a unique learning process which can lead to changes and new developments.   Students are met where they are and the focus is on building on what they can do, rather than forcing them to do what they cannot do.  

are one-on-one and customised to the individual needs of each student. They involve gentle, hands-on movement variations tailored to bring about changes through experiential learning. 

Functional Synthesis Lessons

Transformational Movement Lessons

may be one-on-one or taught in groups.  Students follow guided verbal instructions and gently move through a sequence of movements, which focus on different movement patterns and functions. 

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