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Welcome & Spotlight Series

I look forward to using this space to share information on NeuroMovement®, special needs and more.

It is my pleasure to kick things off with the launch of a Spotlight Series where I will introduce a number of passionate and inspiring individuals who have made an important contribution to the special needs community in Hong Kong and/ or offer a specialised service that may be of interest to parents of children with special needs.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is for your information only and is not a substitute for medical and/or other professional advice, examination, or treatment. The views expressed are those of the individuals profiled and do not necessarily reflect the views of Transformative Movement Limited. Transformative Movement Limited makes no warranties or guarantees regarding any outcome, result, or improvement based on any method, programme or treatment mentioned.


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Getting to know Jeff Rotmeyer

Name Jeff Rotmeyer Founder & CEO of Love 21 Foundation and Impact HK Place of Birth Surrey, British Columbia, Canada Year of Arrival in Hong Kong 2005 What brought you to Hong Kong? Teaching. How did

Getting to know Yvonne Becher

Name Dr. Yvonne Becher BA (Hons.), MClin Psych, PhD Chief Executive/ Director, Programme Development & Learning, Child Development Centre Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany Year of Arrival in HK: 1992

Getting to know David Nesbitt

Name: David M. Nesbitt B.A., M.B.A., Dip. Company Direction Founder, The Nesbitt Centre Ltd. Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Canada Year of Arrival in Hong Kong: 1979 Year of Departure from Hong Kong: 2022


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