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Harness the power of your brain...

is a Hong Kong-based practice providing Anat Baniel Method® 

NeuroMovement® lessons for adults and children of all abilities.


Anat Baniel Method® 

is a gentle form of therapy that uses movement to teach the brain new ways to organise the body and mind.


Learning how to move in different ways creates new neural connections that give the brain new options for organisation and function.


As the brain becomes more organised, movement also becomes more organised, which can lead to improved mobility, coordination, flexibility and strength.

NeuroMovement® can benefit people of all ages and abilities and has been shown to be effective for children with special needs and adults dealing with a wide variety of challenges.



NeuroMovement® starts with where your child is and what your child can do rather than force your child to do something they cannot do or push for a specific action or outcome. 



Experience greater body awareness, create new neural connections, reduce chronic pain, learn to move with ease and wake up to new possibilities for vitality and wellness.


“C is a 1 year old with CP who would lie flat on his back with very little independent movement. After one lesson, he lifted his knees to his chest and rolled over to his side for the first time.”

”After his first multi-day intensive, R‘s understanding is better, he is calmer than before, his speech is clearer, he started playing with other kids and became "sociable" in his own little way, he can wait longer, his attention span is longer than before, he is more aware of himself and other people.”

“K has a genetic condition with low muscle tone and developmental delay. After her first intensive, K began to transition from lying to sitting independently and also began crawling on all fours for the first time.”

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in or made available through this website is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, treatment, advice or care. Transformative Movement Limited makes no warranties or guarantees concerning any particular outcome, result or improvement as a result of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® lessons or any other method, treatment or practice mentioned in this website.  If you have any concerns regarding your/your child’s condition, please consult a doctor.  The inclusion of any links to other websites is for general information purposes only and does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed within them. Transformative Movement Limited has no control over the nature, content, accuracy, or availability of the information contained in those websites.

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